Dec 18


We posted this story back in July, has anything new happened recently? Let’s see if you have a…

“Random act of kindness”…story to share.

This is a phrase we don’t see put into action very often, and only hear about…this is your chance to share some of those acts of kindness that you have either experienced yourself or done for others. Tell Flint about the good in its citizens…we have posted a few of your stories here.

  • Over on the northside of Flint, four young men in their early 20s pushed a vehicle to safety out of the kindness of their hearts and we wanted to take this time out to acknowledge them. Did not get their names but they know who they are. Come on Flint and Genesee County take this time out to share your experience with random acts of kindness that you have experienced recently.
  • My husband and I slid into a snow pile about 5 years ago and 2 cars worked together to pull us out…and also my husband and 2 teenage boys pushed a woman into payless after she ran out of gas and she was so grateful…
  • Last night my son and I made 2 wraps and a ice drink for the homeless guy down the road. We all need to take of each other in times of need and we would be a stronger community.
  • My husband spent 4 hrs after work last night when a good friend of family was dying and was helping a woman who had a flat tire. He ran her around, tried to get her a tire, and finally got a wrecker and then took her home.
  • About 3 years ago I was on I-75 when my tire blew out. As I got over to the shoulder of the hwy, two vehicles pulled over with me. Both of the young men asked if I was ok, then proceeded to change the tire for me.
  •  Our neighbors have been without power since the 4th of July storm & we live right across the street & still have power.  My wonderful husband went & got our camper out of storage for the neighbors to stay in…hooked up the generator so they could sleep in the air conditioned camper.
  • Some years ago in Beecher, I saw an elderly, frail but elegant black lady stalled and she was almost in the intersection. A huge, burly, white biker pushed her car back and proceeded to pop her hood and give it a look.
  • Thank you to the guy who waited with me in the snow when I got into my accident 2 winters ago on I-69! You really were awesome – sorry I never got to thank you properly!
  •  I gave 4 waters to the 2 trash guys. They stopped right there and drank them up. They work hard in this heat while I’m sitting in the a/c watching them.
  • Put out water for the birds and outdoor animals that need it.  And keeping my hubby out of the heat and inside.
  • I went to the Speedway this morning while I was out shopping. No gift or debit cards could be used so I bought the drink for the lady behind me because all she had was a gift card her husband gave to her.
  • This past winter my son was leaving home and noticed the older man across the street shoveling snow. I looked out when i heard my sons truck still home. He plowed a few peoples driveways on his way to work.
  • I was leaving Kroger and noticed an elderly lady struggling with pushing her cart….I stopped to help her, I got her groceries in the car and then helped her get in.



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