Dec 23

Tragedy falls for one law enforcement family…

This is a very sad time of year when any family loses their home to fire or other disaster. We must ALL be grateful for what we do have…each and every day. Take a moment to ask a few questions during this winter/holiday season.

Is it important to be aware of the condition of those decorations that we have used over time? Are the lights safe from wear and tear, or do they need replacing? Is the chimney clean from all those previous fires that kept us warm and cozy from the chill of the winter air? Did we check to make sure the candles we burn for that warm peaceful glow are out before we turn in for the night? These are only a few thoughts that need to be kept in mind to keep our home and family safe from tragedy.

Please consider this and lets come together to show our compassion to not only one citizen/family of this county but for all. We at FPO wish to convey that we are all susceptible to the dangers of fire and the scenarios for a safe holiday or winter season have been shared.

For those that haven’t heard, Thetford Twp Police Chief and his wife, lost their home and all their belongings in a fire last night. They have 3 kids (2, 6, and 11) as well,( please note that we are just learning of this information, and the circumstances or actual cause is not known at the time of this post).
They are in need of clothes and just about any other type of donations. Donations are being accepted at Clio Fire Station # 2 (4014 East Vienna Road, Clio, MI 48420)  (donations for clothes, food, Christmas gifts, dog items can be dropped off all this week during regular office hours).

Please share this with as many folks as possible. Its time to help out those that keep us safe, and their family, especially being this close to Christmas. Show appreciation for their efforts protecting us…thank you and Merry Christmas…

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