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  • FPO telling the story of Flint, to air on CNN tonight! Also inside look at FPO. read more inside

    I will tell you this, when I started this page back in August of 2011, I thought of it as a way to inform my fellow

    citizens of Flint. Being Active Duty Military and stationed 1300 miles away from our beloved city, it has always weighed heavy on my heart the struggles that it faced everyday!


    Miguel Marquez from CNN

    Growing up on the south side of Flint I would fall asleep at night listening to the police scanner for as long as I can remember. I was always intrigued by the dedication and risk these police men and women took everyday to keep my family safe in our home, nestled away in a little two bedroom house off of Fenton Rd. When I started high school at Flint Southwestern Academy all I wanted to do when I grew up was be a police officer in the City of Flint. Once 18, I attented Mott Community College as a Criminal Justice Major and applied to the Flint Police Department every time they published a solicitation. Well the department was already downsizing and once I realized this is not going to become a reality I walked into my local military recruiters office in 2000 and told Uncle Sam I was all his. I am still active duty, 12 years and counting.. Being stationed around the country, including Hawaii for almost 5 years, I would not change anything, as I truly believe things happen for a reason. Being on duty on 9/11 was one of the biggest days of my lives. And that day I said I would stay in the military until I retire as I saw our nation had just changed forever.

    Now we are up to 20+ admins who are dedicated, hard working people with hearts the size of skyscrapers. This group is like a family now and none of this could happen without every single one of them. This has been a total team effort to bring light and hope to a city that raised us all. A city that made us who we are today.

    Joe Pozzi (FPO Executive)



    Now Flint Police Operations is a total TEAM effort but we thought it would be neat to tell you a little about myself the founder (who shall remain nameless) and the excitement and anxiety leading up to this national interview with CNN. We would like to thank all of the local media, TV-12 and Lori Dougovito, NBC-25 and Jenni  Suniga, Mlive’s crime writing guru’s Khalil AlHajal and David Harris. All of the local media has been more then supportive of FPO and our cause and for that we thank you.
    We also would like to thank CNN for coming to our city, helping us tell Flint’s story in a positive light.
    But most of all we would like to thank you Flint, for keeping it classy. If it shows you anything it is that when people come together we can make a change..
    As always, Keep it Classy Flint and See Something, Say something!